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    About Us

    Car Buyers Melbourne offers comprehensive wrecking, recycling and Car Removal services. We are one of the leading Car Buyers in Melbourne with a reliable and easy way to sell or dispose their cars. Our goal was to do away with the long drawn out and often complicated process of car selling, and replace it with one that literally takes just hours to complete.

    Our Foundation

    We’ve built our reputation on the trifecta of honesty, integrity and strong work ethics. We want our customers to come to us, with the knowledge that they will receive a first-class service and an honest cash offer from us. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers have a satisfactory experience with us.

    Our Team

    We are proud of our highly talented and driven team. We carefully selected each of our staff, ensuring they had a positive and helpful attitude. All our staff are trained in customer service to ensure you’re experience with us is pleasant, right from the get go till the sale is completed. We’re happy to help you, so feel free to contact us to know more about us or ask any questions you have about the car removal, wrecking or recycling process.

    About Car Buyers Melbourne

    Our Complimentary Services for Your Convenience

    In keeping with our customer-centric approach, we’ve included a host of free services to make the car removal process hassle-free and quick for you. Starting with instant free quotes provided over the phone, followed by free car removals and paperwork, all our services are designed with you, the seller, in mind. Wherever you’re located in Melbourne, we’ll send our tow truck out to you to collect the car from you. Similarly, we don’t want to hassle you with paperwork, which is why we take care of it for you. All you need to do is sign the filled forms to complete the sale.

    Sustainable Car Wrecking and Recycling

    Sustainable auto wrecking and recycling is our goal. We are committed to keeping Melbourne clean and we do this by adopting eco-friendly car recycling practices. We recycle and reuse as much of a car as we possibly can to reduce carbon footprint. Whatever can’t be recycled or reused will be responsibly disposed of, so as to have minimal impact on the environment. We’re committed to not just our customers but to the children of Melbourne as well, which is why we do everything we can to leave them with a clean and green environment.

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